Winter ‘Most Romantic Season’

We all know that Christmas is just around the corner, which means there are bound to be more people looking for stunning jewellery as gifts for their loved ones, but a new survey has revealed that winter is considered to be the most romantic time of the year.

The research carried out by Goldsmiths found that winter was rated 7.5 out of ten in terms of how romantic it is as a season, compared to autumn, which scored 6.9 out of ten and was the lowest-rated of the four seasons, Professional Jeweller reported.

As a result, the jeweller noted that more people tend to propose at this time of the year, with Christmas Day considered to be the ideal time to pop the question.

60 per cent of those questioned said that a snow-filled winter’s day was the ideal setting for a proposal, making this more popular than a summer holiday or beach proposal.

However, even if you’re not ready to ask someone for their hand in marriage, or if you’re already married and are looking for a special gift, you can still give them beautiful jewellery at this time of the year.

Winter-inspired pieces could be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit this year, with the likes of mistletoe jewellery providing an elegant and subtle way of tying your fashion into the season.

Meanwhile, the Independent recently highlighted the rising trend of feathers in fashion, pointing out that beautiful plumage has been spotted on a number of high-end runways this season. If you’re not quite ready to wear feathers, you could always opt for feather-inspired jewellery, or delicate pieces featuring birds.