Could You Be Tempted By Art Nouveau Jewellery?

Art Nouveau jewellery has a very distinctive style, with its flowing lines, natural themes and elaborate designs characterising this type of adornment.

With a stunning collection of Art Nouveau jewels set to go on sale at Christie’s Geneva next month, The Jewellery Editor has taken a look at the rise of this particular style, and how it came back into favour following the first and second world wars.

Speaking to the publication, Jean-Marc Lunel, senior international specialist in jewellery at Christie’s, explained why classic Art Nouveau pieces are so striking.

“Unveiling the secrets of nature, these jewels are true symbols of love and romanticism. Which is what a piece of jewellery should be about,” he asserted.

While you may not be able to afford pieces like those in the collection up for sale, given that it contains works by the likes of Rene Lalique, there are plenty of stunning, and more affordable, Art Nouveau pieces out there if you look.

Now could also be the perfect time to introduce some Art Nouveau items to your jewellery collection, given that statement earrings are back in the frame as a fashion must-have.

The Irish Examiner recently highlighted the trend that was noted following Fashion Week, pointing out that going big with your earrings is great, as long as you stick to some simple rules. Firstly, that they are comfortable and secondly that they work with your outfit as a whole.

Mixing up colours and textures is also a fun way to standout with the addition of some statement jewellery to complement and contrast with your ensemble.