Pearl Jewellery Making A Comeback

Although you could argue that pearls have always been a timeless classic when it comes to jewellery, they definitely haven’t been associated with high fashion a great deal in recent years, but all that looks as though it’s changing. highlighted the return of the pearl to a number of fashion house runways, including Chanel and Gucci.

Jeweller Karen Walker told the online publication what she thinks makes pearls stand out. “For me what makes pearls special is the feel against your skin. They’re silky and cool and like nothing else,” she asserted.

Ms Walker added that “there’s something so unique about a pearl’s look”. Another jeweller Clare Hammon agreed, suggesting that their irregular shapes and natural lustre “conjured up mermaids” for her when she started designing with them.

Jewellery designer Sarah Cotterall said that they “ooze understated luxury”, suggesting that they’re a perfect all-rounder and can be suitable to wear to the office and on an evening out, as well as to everything in between.

Another person who appears to be a fan of pearls is Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted wearing pearl jewellery, particularly pieces that combine these with diamonds.

Speaking to the Express, gemologist Grant Mobley suggested that many of the Duchess’ pieces may be inspired by her late mother in law Princess Diana. He also stated that “we know from her jewellery choices Kate is a big fan of both [pearls and diamonds]”.

Pearls are, of course, a natural choice for any sea inspired jewellery and they work incredibly well in a variety of settings and as a complement to a range of other stones.