Why Is Mistletoe Associated With Christmas?

If you are looking for mistletoe jewellery for Christmas, then you may be interested to know how the popularity of this plant came about.

First of all, let’s learn a bit about the plant itself: Mistletoe is a parasitic plant which grows on trees, its roots tapping into the trunk and branches of the tree to obtain water and nutrients. The plant starts growing from a seed, which is found in the berries.

Some would say that the tradition of using mistletoe at Christmas originated with the Victorians, and though the Victorians did introduce much of the modern folklore associated with the plant, the usage of it at Christmas goes back even further.

The plant was revered as sacred and holy by a number of different groups, including the Norse who even based one of their creation myths around it. It is said there was one tradition at the time which meant that if warring factions and tribes met under mistletoe, then they were to down their weapons.

A precursor to kissing under the mistletoe perhaps?

There are also a number of myths associated with the healing nature of mistletoe, the name itself means ‘all heal’ in Gaelic.

Mistletoe’s tendency to grow on a tree also conjures up the pagan image of the tree of life, which is prominent at Christmas. We bring Christmas trees into our homes, and celebrate rebirth and the cycle of the seasons, much as the ancient Norse did many years ago.