Astrology-Lovers: Do You Know Your Ruling Planet?

If you’re looking for a personalised gift as Christmas jewellery, have you thought about looking towards a star sign for inspiration? While zodiac motifs and birthstones might be well trodden paths when it comes to artisan, silver jewellery, why not look towards the idea of a ruling planet for a zodiac sign for inspiration.

If you don’t know about ruling planets, they can be really fun thing to find out a little more about, and see whether the characteristics match up against your own personality. With the help of, we’re going to look at the ruling planet for Sagittarius, as it’s Jupiter, making our gorgeous Jupiter inspired designs perfect for those astrology-lovers with that star sign in your life.

Jupiter is the planet of luck, according to astrologists, meaning that it is considered a benevolent planet which wants us to flourish in the most positive way. Our success and accomplishments are all laid at Jupiter’s door, while at its worst, it can be a planet with a touch of laziness and procrastination.

What you do in your leisure time is also one of Jupiter’s concerns – whether that’s sports, games of chance or just spending time with the family. It’s a planet that also loves animals, which might explain why you love your pet so much!

All the planets are thought to affect all the zodiac signs depending on their location and Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac, but having it as your ruling planet is a good friend to have in your corner.

So whether you believe in astrology or not, find out the ruling planet associated with a star sign and you could have just found the perfect jewellery gift for your loved one.